Infusions that combine the natural benefits of plants with pleasure
What if infusions became a part of your daily routine?

Infusions for a meaningful return to nature, and for a conscious desire to live at a slower pace.

L’infuseur, a pioneering brand of top-of-the-line natural infusions, offers a collection of organic teas and unique herbal infusions with outstanding flavors and benefits. Infusions with colors, textures, and fragrances that combine well-being and pleasure. Premium raw materials, roughly-cut ingredients, sophisticated blends, and subtle flavors that provoke contemplation.

These days, it’s vital that we rediscover meaning and get back to basics. L’infuseur helps you recapture the benefits of nature by offering products designed with carefully selected ingredients, French manufacturing, and eco-friendly packaging.

Our infusions are like a breath of fresh air for every moment of the day, giving new meaning to a beverage that for far too long has been associated with granny’s herbal teas or medical concoctions.

The founder

For Céline Ruffet, author of the book “Faites entrer les infusions dans votre vie” (“Incorporate infusions into your life”) and CEO of L’infuseur, the passion for herbs, flowers, fruits, and beautiful blends was forged at a very early age, over steaming cups of tea with her beloved grandmother. Since then, her “infusion moment” has always been one of the best times of her day.

L’infuseur, a brand she created in 2012, offers a collection of infusions as well as a brand-new line of “Made in France” organic teas. The company is driven by a real lifestyle choice, namely to enjoy the benefits of healthy natural products – because treating yourself well on the inside also shows on the outside.

An “infused” life, synonymous with a healthier, more balanced, happier life.

L’infuseur is known for its sophisticated creations made with abundant amounts of herbs, flowers, fruit, and spices. Extraordinary infusions in elegant recyclable cardboard boxes for the utmost in wellness and pleasure.

Our values

We’re driven by our commitment to produce high-quality products, to respect plants and the environment, and to maintain the best possible relationship with our partners and their know-how. These values allow us to offer one-of-a-kind infusions.

L’infuseur works with a network of local partners throughout France. These partners are family businesses known for their expertise that spans several generations. They are invaluable partners whose work has been proven both reliable and effective. Sharing, know-how, and respect for people and the environment are important values to us.

Many of our ingredients – such as nettle, fennel, thyme, blackcurrant, and chicory – come from France. Other ingredients come from countries renowned for certain harvests and productions.

For our LIGNE and CALME infusions, the rooibos comes from South Africa. For our TONIQUE infusion, the Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. And for DELICE, the cacao nibs come from the Ivory Coast.

As for our pretty cardboard boxes, they’re made in the south of France and are recyclable. Our infusion bags are made from cornstarch, a plant-based alternative to plastic. Thanks to a thermal process, the use of glue can be avoided. Part of our production is still done by hand.

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