The "Collection of teas" box set contains 6 natural blends from the L'infuseur (6 bags of each), or a total of 36 tea bags. A selection of our best teas, bursting with benefits and flavors. An exhilarating box set combining pleasure and well-being.
In this box, you'll find our 3 signature teas: Mint Green Tea, Green Tea with Seaweed , and Ginger Green Tea, as well as 2 of our seasonal teas: Winter White Tea and Spring White Tea . The latter are now available all year long thanks to this box set. The 6th tea is something new: Sencha Green Tea! All our teas are organically grown.

This box may be refilled with our 36-bag refill (6 bags x 6 teas).

Our bags are made from cornstarch and our sleeves from wood pulp.
We use absolutely no aluminum or plastic to provide for a 100% plant-based experience. #iamnotplastic

The perfect gift for yourself or a tea lover.


  • Box + Eco-refill 36 bags
  • Box of 36 bags
  • Eco-refill 36 bags
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