We created this herbal tea to provide your mind and body with a deep sense of relaxation. Its standout ingredient chamomile not only has the power to awaken your senses with its beautiful color and mild, distinctive flavor, but also offers countless benefits to keep you fit and healthy. Chamomile improves your sleep and your overall physical and mental well-being. Here, its flowers are combined with sweet apples, orange blossom petals, and a touch of tulsi to form a delicate and delicious elixir. L'infuseur invites you to discover this brand-new recipe made with ingredients selected for their premium quality and benefits, because taking care of yourself is no longer an option but an everyday necessity.
Discover "Number 8," a story by Sophie Astrabie.

Composition : Apple, Chamomile, Honeybush, Orange peels, Chicory, Thyme, Verbena, Orange blossom petals, Tulsi

5 to 7 min – 95°C (203°F)


  • Loose leaf
  • 15 bags
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